I need to win the lottery [ 2004-12-10, 12:59 p.m. ]

I've talked to two creditors today. I burst into tears talking to one of them. That's the second time in 24 hours that I've cried. (see last night's entry)

I owe so much friggin' money, it isn't even funny. I'm trying to thing postively about this. Maybe this is God's way of kicking my butt to get myself out of this hole. And I know its a good thing. But still it frightens me to think of just how much I do owe.

I was doing payments through Consumer Credit Counseling but honestly I just felt like nobody was really paying attention to my account. The payments to the various creditors were low and not all of them had agreed to the settlements that CCC had negotiated. I just felt like the hole was not getting any shallower.

So I stopped paying to them about 4 months ago. And that was it. I wasn't paying to any of the creditors. So you can imagine the phone calls that I wasn't answering. This is a warning to all you people out there who are getting your first credit cards. Have one and ONLY use it for emergencies or things you can pay off the next month. All the material things just aren't worth this much heartache.

I'm still going to do some Christmas shopping but I need to do it a bit more wisely. Really think about what I'm getting and not just randomly buying things.

I did go to the Post Office this morning. Then after that went to the Panthers team store at the stadium. Found the jacket my Mom wanted for my Dad and it was on sale for 25% off. Cool deal.

So after hearing how much I need extra dough..please go to eBay and buy some books and a cd from me. My name on eBay is Judois so you can search by that.


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