I resolve [ 2004-12-12, 2:51 a.m. ]

Another day. Yesterday, after feeling a bit down from the creditor calls, I did end up finishing my Christmas shopping. I went to Target,Michael's Arts & Crafts,Media Play and then went to my store to finish up. But I'm done. Officially done save for stocking stuffers. Yay!

I'll just need to start wrapping things next week. I don't mind wrapping too much. I usually put on a Christmas movie and do the wrapping at the same time.

I've decided on another New Year's resolution. Besides the doctors' appointments that I intend to make and go to. And actually it will be a birthday present for my 40th birthday which is a year and a month away. I want to reduce my debt significantly. Talk to these creditors and arrange some kind of payment plan that will reduce it dramatically. I'm willing to give up some extras (meaning digital cable/dvr).

If it means that by my 40th bday I can afford to buy a new car, it will be so worth it. I don't need a fancy car. Just a trustworthy sedan with not many miles on it. Getting a new/used car would be so nice and a huge relief. I love my little Escort but its turned over the mileage mark to over 100,000 miles now. And its making very weird noises when I use the heater or defogger. I really need to take better care of it. It badly needs an oil change and the radiator repaired. I've been holding my breath for a while now.

We are open an hour later on Fridays & Saturdays till Christmas. And two hours later on Sundays as well. Tonight it was worth the extra hour. We made plan and I was able to get us out of there pretty quick. I rock.

I'll be working 12-8:30pm tomorrow (Sunday) which is not actually closing since we're open till 9pm. I have to go to my parents' house afterwards to wash some clothes. There really wasn't a better time since I'm not off again till next Friday.

I put those arch supports in my shoes to help the pain in my right ankle. Let me just say that Dr.Scholl's is a god. Its incredible. I know the pain in my ankle is still there but I'm not aggravating by walking around now. So nice. What a relief.

I need to send out my Christmas cards. Of course, first I have to address them. Details.

Go bid on my eBay auctions! Search by my username "Judois". Thanks!

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