Drinking buddy [ 2004-12-18, 2:00 p.m. ]

Last night was the surprise party for Michael. I wish more people had been able to come but otherwise everything seemed to go off pretty well. Paco had ordered a ton of food so he gave everybody some to take home.

Paco asked me last week to phone an old friend of Michael's to come, S.W. Michael had reconnected with S.W. a few weeks ago for the first time in probably 15 years perhaps. S.W. was a notorious party hound back in the day. He was always fun to be around though. But always being thrown out of just about every club in town. And completely flaming. So flaming that he used to dress as a woman and men would hit on him.

S.W. doesn't have a computer so Paco couldn't email him an invite. So I called S.W. for him and left a message and S.W. left me a message saying he'd come. Now I wish I'd told Paco that it probably wasn't too good of an idea to invite S.W. to a party. The man has no idea how to slow down on the alcohol. He was drinking it down like it was water, which I told him to drink when I was leaving. I just hope he didnt drive drunk home (I know Michael wouldn't have let him but sometimes people tell you they're fine).

Today I go in to work (busiest shopping day of the year!) at 3:30 since we close at 11pm. One week till Christmas day! Yay! I mailed out my Christmas cards on Wednesday. I really don't know how I was able to not only finish my shopping but also send out cards too. Amazing.

I sold my stuff of ebay which was cool. Helps out with some of the stuff I've had to buy lately.

I'm going shopping with Mandy next Wednesday night for her to do a lot of her shopping. Should be fun. I don't think we did that last year. Also, my Aunt Martha comes into town on Wednesday. Next weekend will be very crowded and noisy but I cannot wait.

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