Take a vitamin! [ 2004-12-29, 11:54 p.m. ]

Here's some advice for all you people out there who got a book for Christmas and want to return it the store. Don't do it. At least, don't do it now. Just. Go. Away. Bah.

The store is just a wreck. Displays are a mess. Returned books are stacked up behind the counter. Some of these messes are made by those people who apparantly feel their gift card will literally burn a hole in their pocket if they don't spend it RIGHT AWAY!

Sheesh. Today wasn't as bad as yesterday. Diane called in sick yet again yesterday so their wasn't a mid-manager. I'm up to here with the calling in sick crap. She had today and tomorrow off, for Pete's sake. I'm over it! As usual she did too much and therefore is not getting better. The woman is old enough to know better.

I have plans for New Year's Eve. Nothing major which is fine by me. I'll be going over to see my Mom after I get off work at 7pm because Friday is her birthday. Yep. She's a New Year's Eve baby. That must have been a pain to grow up having your birthday on a day like that. I still need to buy her a present.

After that I'm going to Michael's house and we're going to maybe watch a movie and drink champagne. I told him I'd bring some food as well. I have New Year's Day off so I'll be watching movies and just taking it easy.

Now I'm off to pay bills online. Yay.

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