How cold was it? [ 2005-01-24, 10:20 p.m. ]

Yesterday I was at my parents' house preparing to watch the two big football games. I went online to retrieve a recipe to give to my Mom. They have AOL so when I signed on that news part of AOL pops up with the news that Johnny Carson died. I couldn't believe it. I went into the living room and as I said the words "Johnny Carson died" I started crying. It was like an uncle died. Somebody I grew up with and entertained me and let me forget for at least an hour any troubles that I had. I loved JC. He was the absolute best. When he retired from The Tonight Show, I instantly started missing him. Jay Leno has never been able to live up to the kind of style that Johnny had.

Don't get me wrong. I think Jay is funny. But The Tonight Show has a completely different feel. One I've never been able to completely warm up to. I've always loved Dave Letterman but he has a different kind of style all together. Much more snarky. And I've been watching Dave since he had that short-lived morning show before he started doing Late Night. I never got enough sleep before school because of him.

I'm watching Nick at Nite right now because they've started showing "Murphy Brown". Right now the pilot episode just ended. I loved this show. Granted in the last couple of seasons it wasn't as good but in its prime, it was one of the greatest sitcoms.

I slept way too late today. Let me just say that I fell asleep around 5am last night. And almost 12 hours later, save for almost one hour where I woke up for a while, I finally got up and out of bed. So now my shoulders are kind of stiff and sore. Oh well.

I do have plans for tomorrow. Post office, drug store (to drop off film and pick up some makeup) and also to tidy up a bit around here. I have my sister,Mandy, and my Mom coming over to help clean my place on Wednesday. Have you ever heard of the Merry Maids? Well, my sister and mother like to refer to themselves as the Merry Maids. This is the second time they've done this for me. Last time was in June. I'm hoping that this time, once the place is clean and sparkly, I can keep it that way. One can always hope.

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