Open the door [ 2005-02-18, 9:45 p.m. ]

Ok, here's hoping I've successfully turned off the locking function on my diary. I've still put a few entries into my private folder and I may continue to want to do that. But for now, I'm keeping most of my entries public.

I am still so damn sick. I was off yesterday. And it did do me some good but I worked 11-7:30 today and just was miserable. I seem to not be getting over this at all. I think I'll be going to the doctor on Monday if I don't seem better by then. I'm afraid it will bloom into a sinus infection. Lovely.

I'm now finished with all of the Freaks & Geeks dvds from Netflix. It was sorta sad to be finished with them. I did leave myself a few things left to watch on them for when I own the box set.

I need to call or email Michael in the next few days. I know I'm going to go over to his place to watch the Oscars in about a week but I haven't seen him for a couple of weeks. It feels like its been one thing after another. Of course right now I don't feel like doing anything but lying in bed or vegging out in front of the computer or tv.

Ok, I'm now boring myself.

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