Won't you be my neighbor? [ 2005-02-19, 10:42 p.m. ]

Don't you hate it when people on reality shows get all upset like they're being victimized? You're on tv,idiot. Maybe that's why its called the idiot box.

Today, I'm no better and no worse, health-wise. Last night was a bit rough trying to sleep. Tonight I'll probably have to sit up some so I won't cough.

I've been talking to Christy a lot this week. I talked to her again tonight for almost an hour. Like I mentioned earlier, she's looking at some dinnerware on eBay and wanted me to bid for her. Yes, yes. I know it would be easier if she signed up as a buyer herself but that's ok. Its fun talking with her.

Ya know, I really wish I knew my duplex neighbor better. I wave way once in a while when by some fluke I see him. But our schedules really must be opposite. I can hear him next door though right now. I think his g/f stays over sometimes so I can hear them and I also hear his small dog, Dudley, going up and down the hall. I'd rather know they're there though than not. Most of the time, at least. Its nice to know that help is just a door away if I ever need it. I just wish we were friendlier I guess. We aren't unfriendly..just not even acquaintances.

I have a movie from Netlix to watch. Croupier with the oh so lovely Clive Owen. I lurved him so in Gosford Park.

Work today was pretty quiet. Rather the phone didn't ring too much. But there were plenty of people in the store. I kept having to take small breaks to blow my nose and gather my strength again. So soooooo sooooooo glad I have tomorrow off. My ears are clogged up. Ow.

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