Welcome to Moviephone! [ 2005-02-24, 9:11 p.m. ]

I cannot believe that I've seen two movies. One more to go! Yesterday on my day off I managed to pull myself out of bed even though my tummy felt kinda poufy. I made it to the matinee for Finding Neverland. I really liked it and loved what it was about. Seeing the magic in life and not living a drab existence because there is so much out there to dream about. Johnny Depp was marvelous and gorgeous, of course. But everybody else was fabulous as well.

I only got about 2.5 hours of sleep last night. Mainly because I watched the Project Runway finale. I was so fucking glad that Jay won. His collection was cool and original. And he's such a funny guy that I just immediately loved him. He reminded me of all my theatre friends. Snarky and fun and sensitive.

After that went off I saw that The Craft was on tv. So of course I had to watch the first hour. My guilty pleasure movie. Manon!!

Somehow after I got off work I made myself go to the movie theatre again to see The Aviator. I totally want Martin Scorcse to win for director. He did such a fantabulous job. And I really would love it if Leo won for best actor. Not a popular opinion, and no I haven't seen Ray yet, but he did a marvelous job.

So like I said the next and final one I need to see is Ray. I plan on going to the video store to rent it since Netflix has such a long wait for it.

Nothing much else going on really. Going to watch a little bit more of tv and then go to snoozeland.

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