Oscar preview [ 2005-02-26, 11:22 p.m. ]

Howdy. Lately I'm not updating daily because life just isn't that interesting.

I have now seen all the five nominated Best Picture films. I got off work yesterday at 3:30pm and on the way to my parents' house, I stopped at Bl@ckbuster. But because they suck so badly, they didn't have a copy of Ray in stock. So right near my parents' house is a Hollywood video and I called on my way there to check to see if they had any. They did and even more wonderful is that all their rentals are for 5 days so I don't have to take it back till Wednesday. Cool.

I had to rent the dvd because Netflix has a long wait for it which I understand. I should have put it in my queue a long time ago. Then I would have been towards the front of the line for it, I guess.

I wholeheartedly support Jamie Foxx receiving the Best Actor Oscar if it happens. Sure, I'm kinda tired of the hoopla and his acceptance speeches but he totally inhabited that role. It wasn't imitation at all. Now, this doesn't mean that I'll cry if he doesn't win but I'll be happy for him if he wins. I'm not sure who I'm rooting for. I'd love it if Leo won or Johnny Depp did. And would jump up and down if Don Cheadle won. That would rock.

After I watched Ray, I watched The Forgotten. Not a lot of people liked that movie and I wasn't crazy about it. But I admired how they just went for broke on the alien storyline. I think they should have gone in a different directon with the concept from the beginning. Fool you into thinking she isn't crazy but then at the end you realize she is. That would have been more interesting. But I do have to say that I heart the casting director for putting Dominic West, Gary Sinise and Anthony Edwards in one movie for me. Holy crap, Dominic is so damn sexy.

Yesterday at work without any paperwork to do I did zone maintenance. ZM is when you scan each book in a section to check to see that its in the right place, alphabetization and to see if its supposed to be returned to the publisher. I did quite a few bays and felt productive for once. I really enjoy doing that kind of thing. I can tune out the world and also organize at the same time.

I open tomorrow and I closed tonight so I'll need to be going to bed soon. The Oscars are tomorrow night and here's hoping that Chris Rock does well.

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