People [ 2005-03-03, 9:09 p.m. ]

I suppose I should update again.

I sold all 3 games that I had on eBay. The Trivial Pursuit went for $8.15. The Simpsons Monopoly went for $6. And the Muppets Monopoly went for $15.50!! Yay!

So I'm sending those off tomorrow after much packaging. It was quite an ordeal. Much bubble wrap and brown paper bags.

Then a little while ago I put 3 advanced reader books up. While I was putting up the last 2, the first one sold as a Buy It Now. That means I made $20 in less than five minutes. I could make rude jokes about blowjobs here but I'll refrain.

God, I'm sleepy.

I worked during the day today. I thought I'd gotten enough sleep (5 hours) but it wasn't enough. I was a bit testy most of the day. Not crabby but it didn't take much to make me go on a rant. The delivery guy came before our receiver came in this morning. So I'm having to stand there while this guy slowwwwllllyyyyy unloads 98 boxes. He asks me if something is wrong because I'm not talking. I say no, nothing's wrong. I have other things to do and I'm waiting for the receiver to get in. Plus, I'm just not a chatty person. Never have been. I have to have a lot in common with you for me to just start yammering without really knowing you. I hate people like that.

But I did have a nice random stranger moment. I went to the grocery store and I took my cart out to the car. After I unloaded the bags into the trunk, I turned around to push my cart back to the store. An older woman was coming by with her cart and said she'd take mine back for me. How nice! Now, I love people like that.

I got my Fed tax refund check in the mail on Tuesday. Yay! I'd like to buy myself some good walking shoes so I can do some real exercise walking in my neighborhood. Plus, I need some new work shoes.

I really should stay up for the new Law & Order show that has Jerry Orbach on it. But my dvr will be recording it for me. Cause I'm about to fall over.

I was thinking about making an appt. with my ear/nose/throat doctor about my allergies and my hearing problem. But I have a $200 deductible that I haven't used yet. Blah. I don't want to spend all my money in one shot like that.

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