Fart in a Can!! [ 2005-03-28, 9:07 a.m. ]

I'm off today. A reason to celebrate! Have a Reese's peanut butter egg.

Sigh. My launchcast radio station is playing Death Cab. "Passenger Seat". Death Cab makes me happy and melancholy at the same time.

Yesterday at work was a bit of a pisser. Not awful but busier than it should have been. Who the heck goes shopping on Easter? Obnoxious ones. That's who.

Crap. I was just sitting here next to the window in my bedroom and noticed that the so-called lock on the window isn't working. I don't know how that happened. I guess I'll dig out the screwdriver and see if I can fix it.

I went to my parents' yesterday after work for Easter dinner. Mandy and her kids came over as well. The food was excellent (potato salad and ham) and we had a lot of fun talking and playing with canned fart. Yes. Nothing says Easter like giving your kids fart in a can. Its some sort of play-dough substance that's squishy so therefore it makes fart noises.

We're a classy family.

I downloaded my first song off of iTunes last night. The Bravery's single "Honest Mistake". I really want to get that cd when it comes out. Good stuff. I think I'm going to go to Limewire to get stuff I don't want to pay for though.

With my blinds up on my window I can see the house across the street. Their cat always sits in the window and looks out. Makes me want my own kitty here with me. But he would protest at having no screened-in porch.

I think I need to take a nap soon.

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