Turn around,bright eyes [ 2005-04-01, 11:24 p.m. ]

So did you hear that Death Cab is going to be on The O.C. in April? I think its April 21st to be exact. How cool is that?! Woohoo! First time I ever heard Death Cab was because of that show. I'm quite excited.

Speaking of music...I am going to see Ryan Adams play with his band,the Cardinals, in Asheville on May 9th. Christie,who is currently the juvenile book dept. lead, is going with me. We are both Ryan Adams freaks so I imagine we'll have to restrain ourselves from throwing ourselves over the balcony. Asheville is about 2 1/2 hours from here. A really nice drive through the foothills and then the mountains. I've only been there once and that was 6 years ago to see the Biltmore Estate. That's totally worth the trip too. I'm not a big gardening person but its wonderful to go there in the Spring when all the flowers are blooming. Gorgeous.

I have my iTunes on the Party Shuffle mode. I have 16 songs now. Go me!

Christy, my sister, came into town tonight. I talked with her over the phone when I was at work. I'm going over to my parents' to pick her up for the flea market at 8:30am. So no late night for me. Though its already 11:30pm. Ah,well. As long as I get more than 5 hours, I'll be ok.

What is the deal with the deathwatch on the Pope? The media is just salivating over this. They go from Terry Schiavo to the Pope. I remember when Pope John Paul II became the pope. The pope before him was only the pope for a month or two and died. Then it was back to voting table for all the cardinals and whatnots. The whole world was looking for the smoke to come out of the tower to see if they had come to a decision. It was a big deal. And I'm not even Catholic. I don't agree with quite a few of the Catholic church's way of doing things but I think this pope has really reached out more than most. Travelled a lot more than any of them. No wonder he's so worn out.

I was playing Jeopardy over on the MSN site last night. That's not addictive. No..I only played it like 15 times in a row. Not addictive at all. Of course when you play it that many times in a row you start seeing the same categories and clues. After a while I was really making a lot of fake money. I wish it worked that way in real life.

Have I mentioned how much I heart my computer? Sigh. I do.

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