I wear my sunglasses at night [ 2005-04-07, 5:49 a.m. ]

I feel like I have to put on my game face to go to work this morning. The thing is is that when I next see my DM I'm going to want to throw something at her. She's the main one I'm pissed off at.

I fell asleep at about 5pm yesterday and woke up close to 11pm. So,no..I haven't been back to sleep. I watched some shows that my dvr had recorded for me while I slumbered away trying to forget how crappy my day was. The thing I know that I do when I get depressed is that I sleep instead of thinking about the bad thing going on in my life. "Sleep is the drug that I'm thinkin' of" to paraphrase Roxy Music.

But anyway...tonight is inventory night at the store. We have a crew that comes in to do it and thankfully, I was not scheduled to be there tonight. I open today and close tomorrow which is five by five.

I have an Elmore Leonard book up on eBay that shot up by almost $20 yesterday. There is about 12 hours left on it. Its his new one that comes in May if anyone is interested. "The Hot Kid".

I stopped at the library on my way home yesterday after going to the Post Office to mail out more eBay stuff. I picked up some books and a couple cds. The librarian chatted with me about the They Might Be Giants cd I was checking out (Lincoln). I told her I had it on cassette and we talked about our love for them from way back. That was a cool moment and did make me feel better for a while. My entry from yesterday was just me vomiting out more of the anger I felt..still feel, obviously.

Oy. I'm gonna have to get a big coffee on my way to work today.

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