I'm not the kind of girl who gives up just like that [ 2005-04-08, 12:07 a.m. ]

When I went to pay my rent on Tuesday, the landlord told me that my duplex neighbor was moving at the end of the month. My first thought? Woohoo! I get to play my music loud for a little while. Also...no dog to hear running up and down the hallway. Althought that wasn't really that annoying. That dog surprisingly wasn't too loud most of the time. Every once in a while he would bark when his owner wasn't home but not very much. At least when I was around.

I somehow got through work today despite the lack of a night's sleep. I even managed to be civil to my DM (no throwing objects at her head). I doubt she knows anything is wrong at all. What the hell would she care anyway? I talked with Diane when she came in for the closing shift about my review. She sympathizes with how much the company has changed since 10 years ago. It was more of a regular company back then..not a corporation a la Dilbertland. I like some of the benefits of a large company (insurance, 401k,vacation) but I think for my own sanity I can't stay in one that has changed as much as it has. Maybe a new job that is part of a large company will be different..at least a different philosophy. More creative minded.

Once again I came home from work and passed out. Slept about 5 hours. Sigh. And I'm so congested when I wake up because of my allergies. Ugh. Spring is pretty but it hates me.

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