Its like a mouthful of joy [ 2005-04-09, 1:58 a.m. ]

I'm watching the movie The Siege that came out in 1998. I remember going to see this movie at the dollar theatre with my sister,Mandy. If you've never seen this movie, it is about a terrorist bombing in NYC and the reaction by the government (military,FBI,CIA,etc..) to the people from the Middle East living in the country. What's eerie about this movie is that when the city bus blows up you can see the Twin Towers in the back ground. Whoever wrote this movie did a good job of understanding what was blowing in the wind. Especially showing the need of cooperation between the different bureaus. Its so childish and stupid how protective of their information that they were. Its kinda hard to watch at some points.

I really really really should be asleep right now. I have to be at work at 7am. Blah.

The best news about this weekend is that I get to go see David Sedaris Sunday night. I've had my ticket since last July. As soon as I heard about him coming to town, I asked Candy if she wanted to go and we bought our tickets right away. He's like a friggin' rock star to me. I've never seen him in person but I've heard recordings of him speaking to an audience. I can't fucking wait!

Change of subject.

I can't remember the last time I kissed a man. I mean..I can. But it feels like so long ago that I feel like I've forgotten the feel and the taste of it. It can depress the hell out of me if I think too long about it. I know if I didn't purposely close myself off that I wouldn't be wondering when that next time will be. Its quite a conundrum.

ok. anyway.

I need new shoes for work. Shoes equal money, however. So I will suffer for a while longer.

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