Brains!!!! [ 2005-04-10, 10:35 p.m. ]

David Sedaris was so damn wonderful!! He spoke for about an hour and a half. Reading new essays and then finished with a bit of off the cuff stuff and some Q&A. I was laughing so hard that I was crying. Man, I love him.

I actually fell asleep last night at about 9:30pm and slept for a solid 8 hours. Huzzah! But I had the weirdest dream. I dreamed it was almost like the end of the world. There were zombies all around like "Night of the Living Dead". And like most zombies they moved pretty slow. Slow enough that people had time to get supplies and hole themselves up. I was at my parents' house and there was a knock on the door. It was Ernie Els,the golfer, and he had his family with him. We let him in, not really thinking it was weird that a pro golfer was seeking refuge at our house. That's all I remember. But it was very strange. I think Ernie Els cameo-d in my dream because I was watching the Masters yesterday. It doesn't take much to appear in my dreams, really.

Even though I had 8 hours sleep, I still took an hour nap before going to see David Sedaris. And the finals of the Masters were on. So I set the dvr and even had it go a half hour over the scheduled time since it was running late. I watched it when I got back and wouldn't you know that it stopped right before Tiger's winning putt. Heh. Oh,well. I'm glad he won though. He's just an incredible golfer and he's had a rough couple years career-wise.

So I'm off tomorrow. Yay for that. I've been looking at career books while I'm on break and I bought one today. "Knock'em Dead" which covers everything from writing a resume to finding a job to the interview. Its got some pretty good advice so far.

I've been having to write my fucking Action Plan from my review. Everytime I look at the Performance Development Plan that I'm working from, I'm humiliated all over again. It just makes me look like I did absolutely nothing all year. Anyway, I need to turn in the stupid Action Plan to Jeff by Wednesday. Its all bullshit. I'll do their stupid dance for now but I'm so outta there. The sooner the better.

The highlight of my workday today was when I was in the cafe talking with Brenda. Anna, a cafe server, was getting some hot tea for this extremely hot,foxy guy. I nudged Brenda to look at him and then I heard him talk. The British accent. Holy moly. The accent and the looks made me a trifle lightheaded. Anna was talking to him about his accent. And I said that the reason people in America love British accents is because most American accents sound so bland in comparison. He commented that most people in the UK enjoy the American accent. I asked him if he would enjoy hearing my accent in the throes of passion. He said sure! ...oh wait. No, those couple sentences were my fantasy. Anyway, I'm hoping this guy comes back into the store to brighten my day again. Yum.

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