Don't hate me because I'm hairy [ 2005-04-14, 1:36 a.m. ]

Stupid weather. I thought..hey..its mid-April in North Carolina. I should be ok with my heat being shut off (because I'm behind on payments). But crap no. Its 45 degrees. Which is not freezing of course. But in my place with minimal to zero insulation, its pretty damn drafty. No, I don't live in a cardboard box. Just an old house. A lovely, wonderful house. But drafty. So..brrr. Its going to be like this at night for the next few nights. I shall have to dig out my slipper socks again.

I looked at the schedule today to remind myself of my next off day. I swear that I sometimes just live my week day to day. No thinking ahead. Anyways, much to my extreme pleasure I realized that I was off the whole weekend. Yay!! No big plans but I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

I have a papercut on the tip of my pinky finger on my left hand. Ow. It makes it kinda awkward to type. Oww.

I close tomorrow and Friday which kinda blows but at least I'll actually get some sleep. Always a silver lining.

Speaking of bright side, at least I hadn't gotten around to shaving my legs yet for Spring. Yes, if that grosses you out then I'm sorry. But I rarely shave my legs during the winter. I need the extra warmth. So like I said, I haven't shaved them yet so I can at least have that extra layer keeping me warm when I get into bed.

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