Tomorrow is another day [ 2005-04-16, 10:50 p.m. ]

First off, thank you to the people who left a supportive comment for me on my last entry. I truly appreciate that. Even if you didn't leave a comment, that's ok too. It isn't like what I was saying wasn't something other people don't go through in their own ways.

I really was having a nice little mini-breakdown. I don't want to go into the details but it just made me feel like my life was shit. I know it isn't. Thankfully, I woke up to a new day. That's why, even though I've been extremely down before, I always know that tomorrow gives me another chance. "Tomorrow is another day" indeed.

I had a nice day today. I went to my parents' and ate a steak dinner. Then we played Monopoly for 3 hours. I won! Woohoo! My parents may have gotten on my nerves for the first 35 years of my life that I lived with them but they are always good to hang out with. We had a lot of fun. All 3 of us were in a good mood and seemed to be on the same page. That is very cool.

My Dad is getting around better now. Still using the walker but he is able to use the cane to walk around the outside of the house and is making a big effort to try and do things a certain degree. Hey,he's my dad and he's always liked being waited on. Who doesn't?

So tonight I'm going to download some more songs and sell more cds in the next day or two. Downsizing is a good thing,folks. I have so much crap. Not that cds are crap but they take up way too much space. Especially considering how many I have. I also have too many books. Its painful to get rid of any books but there really are some that I could either toss (strip books..the ones that we tear the covers off and send the covers in for credit from the publisher for ones we didn't sell. we get to take home the "stripped" book,cool,eh?) and ones I could donate or sell.

I also need to put the sheets back on my bed since I washed them today. That's a chore.

Michael emailed me to say that he'd gotten a speeding ticket in his neighborhood today. He was going 39 in a 25 zone. Dude. I feel ya on having to pay the $110 fine but that's what you get. He asked for my advice and I said you can go to court and if the cop doesn't show up they might let you out of it. He does have a perfect record now. Or did. He does have a history of tickets and accidents in the past though so I wasn't too surprised. He does get a bit too much of the leadfoot. Myself, I'm one of those people you get behind who is doing 40mph in a 35mph zone and you get irritated because I'm not doing at least 45mph like everybody else. Well,honey, you can pay my ticket. That's what I always say to these people who aggresively swing around me in their gas guzzling SUVs. Know what I hate? Those newer headlights that people have that are like lasers going into your rearview mirror. Its very intimidating.

Ok. That's it for me. Thanks again,d-landers.

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