- [ 2005-04-28, 5:32 p.m. ]

So. A day later from my last entry. I'm better. Not great but I'm better. One bad thing happened today though. I got a call from a credit card company AT WORK! God. I hate that. I just took their number and told them I'd call them. Seriously. Do they think that I have the money to pay them? If I did I wouldn't be ducking their calls. I'm already paying $200 to Discover every month. Money I really don't have. Not to spare at least. Man, I need more money.

That spurred me to look at some resume tip books at work and I ended up buying the Resume for Dummies book. Its got a lot of good stuff in it so I hope it'll help me.

The weather is super nice today. Its 65 degrees. Supposed to get up to 77 tomorrow. I don't like hot weather but I do like these mild temps.

Speaking of tomorrow, I'm going up to a meeting for loss prevention all day. Its near one of our locations just north of town. I had to borrow my mom's Ford Focus because I really don't like to drive my car on the highway. That car drives so much smoother than my old Escort. My poor baby. Its served me so well these past 10.5 years. And I basically treat it so badly. It needs an oil change and whatnot. Plus, a nice washing which I rarely do. And when I say rarely..think once a year at the most.

Work was mainly pretty quiet today. Because of these meetings that are going on today and tomorrow, we had single manager coverage for opening and closing. Meaning no mid-manager. 3 of the managers went to the meeting today. I'm going tomorrow and Jonathan goes for a half day since that's all the dept. mgrs. have to do. Its gonna be kinda lonely once he leaves. I know by name a lot of the other managers from the other locations but it isn't the same as who you work with.

The upside is that I don't have to be back in the store till Monday since I'm off this weekend. Whee!

I was so hungry when I finally got home today but I was even more thirsty. So I drank a bunch of water and now I'm ready for a nap. Must resist urge since I have to be at the meeting at 8:30am.

Do me a favor and go to this site and click on the Innocent Escapes part. If you don't laugh your ass right out of your chair something is wrong with you.

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