Sing it,sister [ 2005-05-05, 4:03 p.m. ]

The appointment with the lawyer went a lot easier than I thought possible. He was very matter of fact about it. No big deal. Bankruptcy is his speciality so he knows all the ins and outs. And since my case is just credit card debt and I don't have any real property (my car is too old to really count), my case is pretty cut and dry. He went through a worksheet that I'm going to turn into him next Tuesday. It is mainly a breakdown of what I owe, what I have in the bank,a rough cash amount of everything I own, etc...

I just need to talk to my 401k people and get a couple figures and a couple other things. The worksheet is long but most of it doesn't even pertain to me since I don't own much.

After seeing the lawyer, I went to visit my parents. I waited and waited till the right time to tell them. I did and they took it pretty well. My dad was more negative than my mom. He was concerned about the fact that I wouldn't be able to buy a new car, etc.. Which we all know isn't true since you can always go through special financing if you have to. My mom was more optimistic. Which is a switch since my dad is usually the optimist and my mom is the pessimist.

Anyway, I told them I'd need help with the lawyer fees but I'll be able to pay it back after a few months. My mom said she could do it. Since my dad has been out of work with his broken hip mending, he's had to sell some stocks and bonds. The security guard firm doesn't give paid medical leave. I'm just glad he had the stocks to fall back on. He's going back to work on Monday.

So, I'll be able to pay my lawyer in full by mid-June, I think. Whee! I was so glad to get yesterday over with. It was just so worrying.

I can feel my attitude getting better already about life. My mom gave me $40 to help me out till my next payday. So after work today I went to the grocery store to get a few things. Of course, I spent about $6 more than I wanted to (I spent $16). I drove home and started thinking..hey, I could take a few books/audiobooks to the used bookstore and get cash. So I came home, put things away, and grabbed some books and an audiobook. Went to the used bookstore and got $13 cash. So basically, I spent $3 at the grocery store. Go me! I rock. I can be quite resourceful sometimes. In fact, tomorrow I'm going to the record store and trading a few cds so I can get the new Ryan Adams cd. Whee! The concert is on Monday and Christie is driving since its all the way in Ashevill, which is 2 hours away. I'll be able to give her some gas money and have a few bucks to buy some dinnner as well, I think.

But anyway, I do feel my attitude improving. I can get crabby but it goes away pretty quick.

I called my sister,Mandy, last night to let her know I was going into bankruptcy. The first words she said to me were "Good for you!". She knows about financial strain so she also knows what a burden it has been. I'm going to try to call my other sister,Christy,tonight.

This just in..strawberry jell-o is yummy.

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