When will you come back home? [ 2005-05-10, 3:09 a.m. ]

And I'm back. Whee. What a long day. A good one but a long one.

Here's some TMI so if you don't want to hear about me talking about my period..skip to the next paragraph. I started my period last night (Sunday) and even though it wasn't a real surprise,I mean I could feel all the symptoms, I groaned because the first couple days are pretty heavy for me and I didn't want to have deal with it while I went out of town for the concert. But it worked out ok even though I was pretty crampy. Ugh.

And now no more TMI. Or at least period TMI.

The workday was ok despite the fact I had only 4 hours sleep. I started to lose steam after lunch though. But the biggest "excitement" was when cafe worker,J,tried to walk off the job. He was all whiny and pissy about the fact that Brenda had put up a list of things that hadn't been done over the weekend. Bitch,moan,bitch,moan. I got him to agree to a two week notice but I think Brenda is going to try get him out of there earlier than that. Hopefully.

Anyway,Christie showed up on time at 3:30 to pick me up for the trip to Asheville to see Ryan Adams. I changed into jeans and my Sun Studios tee. We got on the road by 4pm. I hadn't ever really been into Asheville,just to Biltmore Estate which isn't really in the city. Asheville is a cool little artsy town. Very vegan/artist friendly, ya know? The drive there is nice because you go through the foothills and then into the mountains. You can clearly see Grandfather Mountain as you drive towards town. Cool.

We got there and found the venue. It was about 6:30 and we really didn't need to be in there for another hour. So we searched around for a cheap place to eat and ended up at Subw@y. The key word here is cheap. I wouldn've loved to have eaten at a cool eatery but funds did not allow.

We walked back up to the civic center and got our seat. Around 8pm the opening act,Rachel Yamagada (sp?), came out. She was really good. She played the piano and guitar with another guitarist and cellist. She sounded kind of like a combo of Joni Mitchell,Sarah MacLachlan and Alanis Morrissete. Well,that's who I thought of at different times during the show. I liked her.

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals came on at almost 9:30. A voice announced that they would be doing 2 sets. The first would be about 45 minutes and then a 10 minute intermission before resuming. So they came out and let me just say since this was the first time I've seen him in person..Ryan Adams is tiny. I mean,yes,I was in the balcony but he is now my pocket boyfriend. He's cute as a button but still..tiny. Oh who cares? His personality and talent are huge. He wasn't real open to the audience in the first set but by the second set he was really into it and got more talkative. He seemed happy to be back in NC,his native state. He's from Jacksonville,NC which is on the coast.

He played till midnight and probably could've played for another couple hours but the curfew (I think noise ordinance) kicked in at midnight. He was just fabulous. Totally worth the money and hassle and time to go see him. If he comes near you, you must go see him. Plus,you can't miss his version of "Brown Sugar" on the piano done as a ballad. Infuckingcredible.

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