Procrastination, thy name is Judith [ 2005-05-12, 9:08 p.m. ] I am. I would say that my life has been boring the last couple days but I think I've just been too tired or preoccupied to come in here to update.

Tuesday was my day off. And since I had come home so late the night before (see previous entry), I slept in BIG time. I was going to go to my lawyer's office to drop off my worksheet for the bankruptcy. But that didn't happen. I wish I had. It would've moved it along a lot faster. But I was really pooped and quite menstrual (TMI!!). Anywho, I went over to my parents' house at about 5pm and ate fajitas which were very yummy. But I was so damn crampy that I blobbed out on the couch afterwards. Ugh.

Wednesday, I had once again hoped to take the papers to my lawyer before I went into work to close. dice. I was so pissed at myself. Yes, the lawyer is a half hour away from me but come on! Do you really want this ordeal to be over later rather than sooner?!! Argh. I frustrate myself.

But, here's the good thing. I had to work 11-7:30 today and even though I closed last night, I got myself up by 7:45am, with only 5 hours sleep. Got to the lawyer's office by 9:30am. He was there and I just handed him my papers and he told me that the paralegal would call to set up an appointment to electronically file it once she's put my info together. I really hope she calls tomorrow to set up and appt. for Monday. I don't know what to say to these creditors, especially the one who calls my workplace. Should I tell them that I'm going into bankruptcy or just stall them? I should have asked my lawyer today but maybe I'll call tomorrow.

I also need to call two creditors that I have a payment plan set up with that automatically deducts from my checking acct. That'll be fun. Except not.

I hate dealing with all this but I just have to keep telling myself that once its done, it'll be a load off of my mind and spirit. sigh.

It is really thundering again tonight. It was storming on Tuesday night and the power went out at the store. Glad I didn't have to deal with that. I'm usually the one working when the power goes off. They ended up closing the store since the power company said the lights wouldn't come back up till after 11pm and the lights had gone off at about 8pm.

Business has been super slow the past couple weeks. We've had two competitors open in that time very close to us. Either people are shopping there for a change of pace or there are no big books drawing in the people. I really think its a combo of the two.

I went to the new bookstore at the mall before I came into work today. Its very nice. Very open layout. Little niches or boutiques of books and gift type things. Their kids section is very inviting. Much more than ours. Our place really shows its age (been open almost 12 years now).

I've been trying to come up with ideas for the Harry Potter release night party. These are ideas that I have to submit by May 20th to the DM. Not all of them I'll necessarily do but I'm trying to come up with a bunch of ideas so I'll have a choice, ya know? So far I've come up with:
a magician
helium tank for balloons
door prizes
face painting
look-a-like contest for kids/adults

We've got a planner coming from home office a couple days before the ideas are due but I don't want to scramble at the last minute.

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