Blunt instrument [ 2005-05-14, 12:03 a.m. ]

One creditor down, one more to go. I called one of them today and all I had to say when they asked why I needed to stop the payment plan was "Well, to be honest, I'm going into bankruptcy." That was it. They made it very simple and just reminded me to call them when I have my bankruptcy number.

I left a message with the other creditor but I'm going to call them again in the morning. This one is an actual collection agency so I don't know how cool they will be.

I had an interesting compliment today. At least, I see it as a compliment. Diane told me that our newsstand lead told her that I say what other people hesitate to say out loud. Heh. That stems from how stern I was with one of the booksellers when all of us were ready to go and he always dawdles around and pisses off everybody. But its true, I just do not suffer fools gladly. I've never been able to do it. I can be quite blunt but I honestly only do it when I know or at least think I know how my honesty will be taken. I bite my tongue when I need to but if somebody keeps pushing things, I'll just flat out say how I feel.

Sometimes I do it for comic effect to shock people. But other times, I just feel like things need to said.

I sold another book on eBay for about $10.50. I have another book still selling. Its the next book by Dean Koontz called "Velocity". Its up to $7.50 and I have about 5 days left.

I open tomorrow so I should be heading to snoozeland soon. I open again on Sunday and I close on Monday. Finally off again on Tuesday. I really need to schedule another haircut. I had to cancel that one I made last week due to lack of funds.

I really have to get the new Weezer. I can't believe I haven't gotten it yet.

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