I'm obsessed, thank you very much [ 2005-05-16, 11:26 p.m. ]

Oh,thank God. I have tomorrow off. Whee!

I stayed up very late last night watching the rest of Alias Season2 disc 1. I'm becoming obsessed. I'm without a Netflix dvd today so I'm decompressing. You know what's funny is that I won't look at the threads on televisionwithoutpity.com about the first couple seasons of Alias. I cannot snark on that show. And I will have none of other people snarking on it. I can see how people start writing fanfic.

Tomorrow I'm going to call my lawyer's office and see if I can set up the appt. for filing my bankruptcy. I really want to get that done. The sooner the better. I keep thinking of all these plans I can actually make once I'm not looking over my shoulder for creditors. I'm thinking of joining a gym, maybe Curvz (I only write it that way so people won't google and come here..I get weird searches bringing me here..like the haircoloring Feri@. strange). Anywho..I'll see what happens with that but I know part of my paycheck is going to automatically go into savings. That will be the best. Having an actual savings account again. I've had one off and on but not for long time. The biggest thing I need to save for is either a car..or a trip to London and Paris. Heh. I'm so practical. Riiighht.

I have up on my wall facing me here, a cutout from a display that says "Change your Life". The things I've decided since putting that up are pretty big. I smile everytime I look at that sentence. Change your life. Three simple words that have a lot of power.

I'm so waiting for Vaughn from Alias to show up in a dream. I dream about everybody else, why the heck can't he come into my dreams? Hmph.

I'm seriously thinking of going to see the new Star Wars movie on Friday. What is wrong with me? Don't answer that.

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