Vaughn! [ 2005-05-21, 11:01 p.m. ]


I closed today and I open tomorrow, Sunday. Which is ok since I hate closing on Sundays. Actually, except for the sleeping in part, I hate closing on any day. Too much hassle.

Hey, remember that money I made on the books I just sold on eBay? Ha. That didn't last long. I spontaneously bid on the Season 1 dvd set for Alias and I won! With shipping it was about $40, which is less than what I made so at least it evens out ok. When I get obsessed with something, I don't go halfway. Last night I had my first Alias dream. I knew it would happen eventually. Yesterday I watched two discs from Season 2. That was 8 episodes. In a row.

It wasn't much of a dream but Sydney (Jennifer Garner) and Vaughn (Michael Vartan) were both there and we were talking about theorys about something that was going on. I'm not sure what.

Oh, I also downloaded some wallpaper from the site that has Vaughn in a suit looking pensive, Vaughn's favorite expression. Michael Vartan is the king of low key acting. I love him so.

Work today was so damn boring. The last few hours just draaaagged. I just kept walking around and around. Oy. Now my feet hurt.

I've been trying to make a haircut appointment with my usual person but I'm having the worst time getting one set up. I need my hair cut before I go on my vacation next week. My hair is just to the middle of my back now. I'm going to have it cut to my shoulders. It's much easier to take care of when it's that length. Plus, it has no shape right now. Then I'll color it because my hair is totally white on the sides. You can't see it much unless I pull my hair back.

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