I've got your memory,she's got you [ 2005-05-23, 5:06 p.m. ]

I am currently watching the movie, A Thing Called Love on HBO. It came out in 1993 and I remember how much I loved this movie. I still do. It has Samantha Mathis, River Phoenix, Sandra Bullock and Dermot Mulroney. RP is just incredibly sexy and cool in this movie. And I love the character that SM plays. I used to ponder that dream of going to Nashville and trying to make it. I'm not much of a songwriter like her character but I love really good country music and that's where my Southern roots kick in.

This movie is out of print on dvd or vhs now for some reason. Peter Bogdanovich directed it and I'm hoping he releases it again with commentary. I'd totally buy it. I have it on VHS but its not the same.

Did I mention that I turned my HBO back on? Yep. I couldn't hold out any longer and besides, Six Feet Under is coming on soon, so I had to.

I bought my ticket to go see Martha Wainwright on Wednesday. It was only $9. I'm going by myself and I don't care. I also bought her cd. I know one of her songs from downloading off of iTunes. She's damn good. Also, Rufus' sister.

Work was work today. I fell asleep last night during the finale of Desperate Housewives (luckily my dvr recorded it) and slept till just at 5am. My body clock woke me up. That was just weird. Anywho, I had to be at work at 6am since our head cashier is on vacation this week and I had to do the recap before the manager meeting.

Typically, my manager left the store for a couple hours leaving me with a skeleton crew. It was mostly ok but still, when I'm scheduled to work with him I may as well be alone. He left the store to deliver some books to a school but he could really do these things when there is actual coverage. But he never thinks like that. It frustrates the crap out of all of the other managers, too.

But I was a busy bee anyway and got things done,which is always a nice feeling. The best thing about the day was the fact that just about every custome was in a good mood. It was very odd but really cool.

I close tomorrow so I have the whole night in front of me and no Alias dvd to watch. Oh, the horror! Ah,well..the 24 finale is on so that's something.

Still no appt. for my haircut. I'm this close to just calling another place.


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