Why me? [ 2005-06-09, 6:12 p.m. ]

So my appointment went well yesterday with my lawyer. I'm officially in bankrupcty now. Whee. I think I would be doing a happy dance if I didn't know that I won't have any real extra money until I can pay my Mom back for all the money she's loaned me for the lawyer's fee and before that for the new computer. So that's about $1100.00 I owe her. Ugh. I'm going to be paying her back over the next 3-4 months.

The last few days my car has been sputtering ocassionally when I take off from stoplights or whatever. I stopped on the way home at the mechanic because it was really getting bad. Asked them to do an oil change, which was on sale for $20, thank God. They then told me that my brake pads would need to be replaced very soon, which with labor and all is almost $150. Plus, I think I need a tune-up done and a fuel injection. Dammit. I would buy a new car but ya know, that would cost money I don't have!!!!!!!!

Fuck. When one part of my life is looking up, another part starts falling apart.

And my left leg is hurting me for no reason I can think. It feels like I maybe sprained my knee or something. When I'm sitting down or just getting up in the morning and I get up to walk I really have to stretch it out and warm up to get the stiffness/pain to go away. Argh.

I was supposed to go over to my parents' after work today because my uncle is in town for a couple days but I begged off due to tiredness. I called my Mom during lunch today and she was fine about it. It made me feel better knowing I could just go home (not realizing I would have to go to the mechanic first). I did actually have to go to a couple places first anyway. I went to WallyWorld to buy socks and underwear. I saw they had the new Coldplay on sale but I didn't buy it there since I actually loathe that store and refuse to give them more money for anything. Its just that there was no place around my neighborhood for me to pick up socks/panties cheap. So after that I went to my regular record store to let them know I could have bought it at the evil empire but chose to come to them instead, where it was a couple dollars more. The clerk thanked me and said I was the second person that day to say they chose to buy it there instead of WallyWorld. Nice to know.

I made a couple mixes from my iTunes yesterday that sound cool. I must make more soon.

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