- [ 2005-06-14, 11:51 p.m. ]

There are times at work when I feel like I'm the only who knows how to certain things correctly. I'm not even going to say that it isn't true. It really is true. There really are certain things that I'm better at doing than other people around there. And it's so damn frustrating when other people are in charge of doing these things. The other asst.manager and I switch off on months to do scheduling and that includes doing the assignment sheet for the day. She's ok at the scheduling part usually but the assignment sheets, not so much. She leaves people off or assigns things weirdly. Quite frustrating.

I went to have coffee with Michael yesterday. We met up at 2:30pm and talked for over an hour. Then,while he ran a quick errand that was business-related, I went to his house and hung out with Paco for a few minutes. Then all of us went to the record store so they could trade in some cds for credit. I bought the a cd,of course. Its Jonathan Rice and sounded great from what I listened to. Still need to pop it in for the whole thing.

It was very nice to kick back and talk with Michael. I told him we'd get together again next week which will be cool. I tried a few months ago to make it a regular thing but then my life got a bit too stressful and I pushed people to the side like I tend to at those times.

We were both commiserating about our financial problems. He's pretty much in the same boat as me. Mine is credit card debt (by the way,no creditors called me today...it was magnificent) but I'm getting that taken care of. His is that he has no real steady form of employment and is afraid he's going to lose his house. He and Paco clean houses which brings in some money, Paco also sells his art but that isn't steady at all and Michael is ushering part-time at a theatre (stage not movie). We really didn't think we'd be in this position at our ages. He's a year older than me. It's just really rough and I'm glad that at least I'm not in his position, employment-wise.

Anyway,I'm just glad I got off my ass and made plans with him. We've known each other for 20 years this coming fall. We both know each other pretty damn well and can say almost anything to each other. That is so rare. And special.

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