Raid! [ 2005-06-19, 12:03 a.m. ]

I cannot seem to get a full 8 hours sleep when I need it lately. I know. What's new about that? Ugh. I'll fall asleep at around 6 or 7pm and sleep for four or five hours then I wake up then I'm up for a while till I get maybe another two hours sleep before going into work. Gah.

I was so happy to leave work today. One of those days where 1)I had no energy because of my sleep problems and 2)I was bored silly. Not that there wasn't anything to do but that I had no energy to do them. I left work and headed over to where the record store is but not before stopping at the less domineering coffee shop that has their own style of Frapps. For some reason they taste even better than the St@rbucks frapps. I think they've put crack in them. So I got a caramel "cooler" as they are called and headed over to the record store to sell some more cds. Which I did successfully netting me about $53. Yay!

Ended up coming home and then cleaning up the kitchen and then proceeding to fall asleep. And here I am again. Help.

Yesterday when I came home I found a HUGE cockroach belly up in the kitchen. I was so happy. That meant my bug spray was working. Fuck,yeah. I then sprayed the bug spray around some more for good measure possibly cutting my life expectantcy short. I don't care. Those short years will be spent bug free.

Next Friday is my parents' 50th anniversary. It's very hard to believe that they've been married that long. My Mom was 17 and my Dad was 19 when they married. She showed me a picture the other day of when they first started dating. She was 14 and he was 16. They were such babies. It was such a cute pic, though.

So Christy is coming into town next Friday and Mandy is going to bring over some camera equipment to their house and we'll be taking pictures. Then having a cookout. I've managed to get next Friday,Saturday and Sunday off. Woo!

Tomorrow I work and then head over to the 'rents for Father's Day. I just hope I'm not a zombie from lack of good sleep again tomorrow. Here's hopin'.

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