Weetzie [ 2005-06-20, 11:12 a.m. ]

Hey. I just put a book up on eBay that everyone should go bid on now! It's the next Weetzie Bat story by Francesca Lia Block called Necklace of Kisses. It'll be in stores in August but go buy it now!! I command you! I've read the original Weetzie Bat story and really liked it. It's fantasical without being flaky.

I got a solid 8 hours sleep last night but could easily take a nap which I think I'm going to do in a few minutes. I'm meeting up with Michael at 2pm and will be going into work at 4:30 since we had the manager's meeting this morning.

Have you ever started a conversation with your Mom and then quickly wanted to change the subject? I was telling my Mom yesterday about a book that I saw at work called "The Hardness Factor" and yes, it's about what you think it's about. My Mom says something to the effect that "How much you could you write about that? It either is or it isn't. There isn't much in between". I really don't want to know how much my Mother of all people knows about this subject. I explained that the book is about the length of time that a man keep that "condition" going. And then I quickly turned the conversation away from that. Sheesh.

Ok. My bed is calling me. Must sleep for an hour.

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