50 Years [ 2005-06-27, 5:21 p.m. ]

Well. It's been a few days.

Friday was my parents' 50th anniversary. Christy & Kevin came into town to stay overnight. We did all the picture taking that Mandy and her business partner,Heidi, took care of. They've got some cool equipment (backdrops,lights,cameras..) that Heidi's uncle is giving them. He got them from another photographer who owed him money. The guy basically gave him a whole studio's worth of stuff. Very neato.

So we had lots of pics taken and we should see them in a couple weeks. And though Mandy says they can photoshop them to make everyone look better, I know I'll look at me and think "what a cow". I hate looking at pics of myself. I don't see myself as fat. I just don't. But I am. So there you have it.

After the picture-taking, we cooked steaks on the grill and had potato salad and fruit. Everything was great. We also had a cake for Mama and Daddy that had a picture of them from when Mama was 14 and my Dad was 16. They looked like babies. So cute. If I could figure out how to link up my camera phone with this computer I would upload a couple pics I took of the cake. Oh well.

So I had Saturday and Sunday off, too. During which I mainly watched dvds of the 3rd season of 24. Once I get going on something I quickly have to absorb all of it. I'm not as manic about it as I was about Alias but I'm enjoying it. Speaking of Alias, my Mom is totally hooked on that series. She's now into season 3. She watches them as fast as I did. Ha.

I bought some of that Jergen's N@tural Glow lotion that's supposed to give you a subtle tan. Not like bronzer or stuff like that. I've only been putting it on for a couple days so I'll let ya know.

Oh, I almost forgot to write about my weird dream from the other night. My sisters and I were in Italy. I had my camera phone with me and I was trying to take a picture of the Vatican and then we realized we were in the wrong place. Whatever. Anyway, we went to the hotel which was massive. Very modern. And it was owned by Apple (as in computers). I was given my card-key for my room but while my sisters found their rooms, I couldn't find mine. I get separated from them and was wandering around this big hotel. All of a sudden I have a glass of wine in my hand and I'm riding the escalator around the shopping area of the hotel which was like a mall. I was getting pretty anxious about my room but I kept saying "Hey,I'm in Italy and I'm drinking wine. Things could be worse." That's pretty much the dream but I thought it was kinda funny how even though I was kind of lost, I was still stoked about being there.

I was watching "Passport to Europe" yesterday and Samantha Brown was in Ireland. My heart just ached to be there. I cannot wait to start actually saving money for a trip over there. I totally need a passport just to make it more of reality than a far off dream.

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