All about me [ 2005-07-12, 2:08 a.m. ]

I got this from Jules.

10 years ago: I was hanging out with Melissa M. from work having a grand old time,still lived with my parents and was a floor supervisor

5 years ago: I was just getting used to the internet, talking with friends on the message board that used to exist for the Afghan Whigs,was a dept.manager at work,still living with my parents!

1 year ago: Was still mired in debt and couldn't see any way out,still using my sister's 10 year old computer,asst.manager at work

Yesterday: Went to the video store to see if they had the second volume of MI-5 (they didn't),watched the first volume with all the commentaries instead,ate grilled cheese sandwiches

Today:Went to the manager's meeting this morning at 7am,came home and slept for a few hours,worked and got home at 11pm,watched Six Feet Under and Entourage and The Daily Show,imported some cds into my iTunes

Tomorrow: Go to the record store to sell some more cds,clean out my car,call my 401k people about the loan

5 snacks I enjoy: peanuts,pineapple,Doritos,M n'M's, and cottage cheese

5 bands that I know the lyrics of MOST of their songs: Afghan Whigs,REM (well as much as you can understand vintage Stipe),the Beatles,Weezer and U2

5 things I would do with 100,000,000 dollars: Pay off all debt that my parents and my sisters have,donate a large sum to several charities (cancer research,AIDs,poverty,Greenpeace,Amnesty),tour the world specifically Europe,invest,invest,invest,pay off Jules's debts

5 bad habits I have: eating when I'm bored,pulling my hair,biting my nails,not really knowing how much money I have in my checking acct.,not knowing how to laugh some things off

5 things I like doing: having an idea and following through with it,watching dvds,reading,listening to music,spending time with my family and friends

5 things I would never wear: a thong in public,pointy shoes,acid washed jeans (now..not 15 years ago),leggings (anymore!) and shoulder pads

5 TV shows I like: Alias,24,The Amazing Race,Entourage,Six Feet Under

5 movies I like: When Harry Met Sally,Office Space,Fight Club,Fast Times at Ridgemont High,Garden State

5 famous people I'd like to meet: Jake Gyllenhal,Rivers Cuomo,Bono,Paul McCartney,and Bill Clinton

5 biggest joys at the moment: knowing I have tomorrow off and I have no huge plans and that my debt to my Mom will soon be paid off

5 favorite toys: my computer,iTunes,cell phone,dvd player and all the fans in my house

5 people to tag: loner-blues,bathtubmary,bettyalready,rachelliz,neangel

Have fun!

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