Over and done [ 2005-07-16, 1:57 a.m. ]

And...here I am. Sigh. My Harry Potter party is over and done. But first let me take you back to Thursday night.

I'm walking around my apartment barefoot as I usually do. I'm in the kitchen and wham!! I walk right into the 12 pack of dt. mountain dew that's sitting on the floor that I hadn't put away. Sweet Mother of God. It still hurts. I'm also certain that I've broken the next to smallest toe on my right foot. I tried putting ice on it but that didn't really help. Ya know what would help? Pain meds. I'm considering going to the Urgent Care place in the morning before I go in at 10am. Considering that it's 2am right now I'm not sure if that'll happen.

So today I hobbled out of bed and hit the road. Had to go to the Post Office to mail out an eBay item. Then to the costume store that I worked at an eon ago. I was renting a helium tank for the balloons for the party. Everytime I go in there it's like a time warp. Nothing much has really changed. I could step behind the counter and still know where things are and that was just over 15 years ago that I worked there.

I was halfway to work when I realized I forgot the ice chest I was going to bring to help out the cafe. Had to go all way home and unearth it from the closet then hit the road again, picking up some Wendy's on the way there (basically the only fast food place I eat from on a regular basis).

Got to work around 3pm. Ate and tried to perk myself up but most of me was just dreading the whole night. If I didn't have this pain in my foot it would've been a lot easier. Slowly the day got a bit better. The two people I had in charge of the kid activites totally rocked. If it hadn't been for them I would've ..I don't know what but I'm so glad they were there and told them several times.

I had hired a magician for an hour and he was so great. The kids and adults loved him. That was my best idea for the night. And it really worked out.

We weren't nearly as busy as we were for the last HP book. I think a lot of people are waiting for tomorrow since we open at 8am instead of the usual 9pm. So tomorrow ought to be pretty hectic.

Tomorrow night I'm going over to Michael's and we're going to drink some blender drinks and listen to music and whatnot. I told him that with my foot there was no way I could go dancing. He was cool with that since he said he couldn't afford to spend much if we did go out.

I sold some cds yesterday and ended up buying the new Son Volt. If you really dig early REM before they weren't afraid of some twang, go pick it up. It really cooks.

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