One thing leads to another [ 2005-07-19, 11:36 p.m. ]

Oh God. I'm so damn exhausted. Work wasn't too bad but it still wore me out because of my broken toe. Being able to just sit is like a tiny orgasm.

Saturday, I went over to Michael's like I said I was going to do. We watched "Reign of Fire" and "Laurel Canyon" two decent movies. Both starred Christian Bale. There was some really good music in "Laurel Canyon" and I really love Frances McDormand. She so rocks. "Reign of Fire" had cool effects of Bale was shirtless as was Matthew McConaughy (or however his name is spelled).

We had some Mudslides and Pina Coladas and it was nice to just veg out with them and salsa and chips.

Sunday I was off and went over to my parents'. We had steak for dinner. Yum. My Dad keeps insisting that I should go to Carmax asap to get a car to replace mine. Dad, I know mine is needing repairs and I'm borrowing Mom's car right now but I'm not going back into debt unless absolutely necessary. I'm going to get the car back in shape after my 401k loan and try to keep it going for another couple years.

Big changes coming at work. I've been really feeling like the other shoe was about to drop and I was right. Jeff called me on Sunday to first ask about my toe. He asked if I could still play the piano. Hardeeharhar. Anyways, he then tells me that Jonathan would be out for a few days since his sister-in-law was close to death and he expected to be going to the funeral. (Jonathan actually called tonight to let me know that his SIL died today from cancer and that the funeral would be Thurs.). Then Jeff tells me that he was going to be leaving the store and going over to one of other locations to work as their comm.relations director. He'd had it as a store manager and was looking forward to less responsibility. I understood totally. I knew he just didn't have much enthusiasm left. So in August a manager from another store is coming over to ours to be the store manager. Her name is Candi and she's always pretty cool to chat with on the phone and share information. So at this time I'm ok with her coming over. It'll be interesting to see what changes she makes.

I meant to say something about this weird serendipity moment I had on Saturday at the Urgent Care clinic. I was in the waiting room and was flipping through a freebie magazine that talks about the community. There was an article about my friend,Tanya, whom I haven't talked to in a year and a half. She's going to be in a production of the show "Matt & Ben". The roles are played by women though it's about Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's friendship. It will be performed in August and I'm going to go and hopefully reconnect with her. I keep thinking that if I hadn't banged up my toe and gone to that clinic and then picked up that magazine..who knows? I never read that particular magazine. Weird,huh?

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