I'm an unwed mother! [ 2005-07-26, 12:07 a.m. ]

It's too fucking hot. It's just plain warm right now but it's taken till 12:07am to get the temperature down to a "chilly" 85 degrees. Blah. At around 8:45pm it was still 91 degrees. I was crampy and felt too warm to eat so I took a nap, of course. With all of the fans in my house on.

I had the oddest but really cool dream. I haven't had one so detailed in a while. Spike, as in Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, was in my dream. I kept looking at him and he kept trying to act like he wasn't interested in me but by the end of my dream I was confessing to a friend that I was pregnant. I wouldn't tell her who the father was just that he was somebody who was basically good but would never be able to help support a child. That part was kinda sad.

But there was one part of my dream where people could transform into bears. Yes, I know. Odd.

The rock group Keane played a set at this house that I was staying where Spike also was. They sounded great,by the way.

Then at the end of my dream, where Morgan Spurlock (another crush of mine) made a cameo as well, Paul McCartney shows up. He pulls up in a pickup that somebody else is driving. Paul gets out of the truck and he realizes he has no pants on. Just is wearing a tee shirt and boxers. He tries to pay somebody to give him pants but none of the women will let the offer be taken. We're enjoying the view of Paul in his skivvies. Then I woke up. Strange. I love Paul but how random was that?

I'm off tomorrow and I'll be going over to my parents' to pick up my car. My dad had taken it to a mechanic on Friday and he picked it up today. My mom said it was something electrical that needed to be fixed. I'll have to get the details from my dad tomorrow. Anyway, it cost $116 which I guess isn't too bad if it runs better now. I will be sad to give up my mom's car. It's a Ford Focus and drives nicely. Plus, electric locks and windows. And a dashboard loading cd player. I have my 12 disc changer in my car but I'd love it if I could use a dashboard kind of cd player too. Oh,well. Can't have everything.

I watched the finale of Sex & the City a bit ago. I don't think I've watched that finale since it was first on. Of course, it made me tear up. I really miss that show. I have the first two seasons on dvd, thankfully.

I think I'm finally getting a bit hungry so I might go forage for food soon. Then watch some dvred stuff.

Work. Well, my soon to be gone manager,Jeff, has officially checked out mentally from the store already. Oy. I like the guy. Really really do. But I'm actually longing now for the new manager to get in the store. Pronto. But that's in exactly a week so I'll just have to wait. Until then I'm trying to get my thoughts and the store together. Diane comes back from vacation tomorrow so I think we'll both really try to spiffy up the store for Candi,new manager. I'd hate to have her see how crappy some of the corners of the store are. Things tend to pile up and nobody wants to claim responsibility.

And now I'm off.

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