You can't take the sky from me [ 2005-07-29, 3:37 a.m. ]

Summertime be gone. Please. Now. We had the usual "severe thunderstorms" come through the city and my cable got knocked out. I think it went out in the afternoon and it didn't come back on till around 2am. At least my electricity was on though,right? Unfortunately, I just couldn't get on the internet since I use cable for that as well. Oh,well. The horrors of modern life.

But it did screw up the taping of "The Amazing Race". Meaning it didn't record at all since,ya know,no cable. Thankfully, they still have the recaps over at TWoP for all the seasons of TAR.

..ooh..that was a big clap of thunder...eek...please don't let my power go out..

I'm off tomorrow (Friday) and I have a couple errands to run. Mainly, I really want to get my check in the mail tomorrow from my 401k. Also,I'll be going to get a gift certificate from a restaurant for our departing manager,Jeff. We took up a collection and should be able to get a $40 one, which I think is plenty for him and his wife since it's his favorite pizza place. Diane is going to get a cake and we'll have that on Saturday,his last day. We've already passed a card around.

It'll be weird not having him around anymore. He's always been pretty easy to get along with. I just wish he was a stronger manager though.

I watched disc 1 of "Firefly", or rather finished watching it tonight while the cable was out. I really like it . Sorta space show meets western show. All with that Joss Whedon bent. I'll be getting the other discs in from Netflix next week.

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