I see a little light [ 2005-08-01, 11:43 p.m. ]

Well, my check finally came in the mail today. I quickly drove over to the bank and deposited all but $60. Then when I went to fill up my gas after work tonight, the gas station rejected my debit card. Fucking bank. Why can't checks automatically go into your account? Stupid bank. Thankfully,I did have that cash on me.

On my way to work I phoned my mom and my sister. I let my mom know that I had the money and I'd be bringing it by on Wednesday. Then I called my sister,Mandy, about going out on Wednesday night for dinner and a movie. We set up a date to go to the Outback steakhouse and then to see "Must Love Dogs". Me for John Cusak and her because she does internet dating which is sort of what the movie is about.

I'm really looking forward to Wednesday. That starts my mini-vacation of 5 days off in a row. I parlayed my 4th of July holiday, a personal day and 2 days off plus Sunday off (Sunday starts our new week at my store). Woohoo! I badly need this time off.

I haven't felt up to par lately and I think it's a combo of the heat,my broken toe and worry/frustration. I have had such tension in my neck and shoulders the last few days. It's awful. Today was really bad and I had a sinus/tension headache. Ugh. It's finally starting to go away.

I want to be able to afford to have a massage every once in a while. Like when I really need it which is now. God. What I wouldn't give for a hot tub.

The next few days I'm going to call the YWCA and see about touring the place and seeing all the facilities and looking at what classes they have. I'm mainly interested in the pool though. Doing laps and water aerobics.

Ok. Enough whining. I really need to realize that things are looking up. It's kinda hard to see the light when you constantly keep the shades pulled down.

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