Here comes the sun [ 2005-08-02, 11:00 p.m. ]

Despite the fact that my back hurts, I am so at peace right now. The money is in the bank (officially) and I have the next five days off. Thank you,God.

Tomorrow I'll be going to the bank and making a huge withdrawal with which to pay back my Mom in full as well as my Dad who paid for the fixing of my car. As a small token of appreciation, I also bought them both a book tonight while at work. My Mom is so excited about having the money back in one fell swoop. She has big plans for the grocery store apparantly. Now that would be a lot of carts. I'm paying her $1,180.

I'll be going to their house after the bank and I'll be washing clothes of course. After that I'll head over to my sister's house and we'll go to dinner and then the movie. I don't spend enough time with her and she lives in the same town. That just ain't right.

Saturday I have plans to go to dinner with Meg who is an old friend from community college theatre days. We were pretty close friends for a while but then as life does, we drifted apart. She's been talking with Michael off and on for a while now though. The three of us were inseperable for a while back then. The Saturday before last I was supposed to go out with them to dinner and then back to Meg's house but Aunt Flo came calling and I was still in pain from my broken toe. So no go for me.

This time I'll be going to Olive Garden with Meg and her daughter, who is about 5 years old. Then we'll head back to her house and Michael and Paco will meet us there. Michael will be working till 6pm so he didn't want to go out for dinner. Plus,I don't think he wanted to spend the money.

My other plans for my time off are to just rest. I need to stay off my feet as much as possible. It can only do me good. Plus, I'll have some dvds to watch so it's all good.

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