Heaven is a place on earth [ 2005-08-05, 6:10 p.m. ]

Hello,my babies! Ahhhhh. Ahhhhh. That is the sound of a woman at rest. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I know it makes for scintillating diary reading.

Wednesday, I woke up quite late and headed over to my parents' house but first stopping at the bank to get a butt load of money to pay them back. My mom was very happy to have the the greenbacks in her hand.

I was going to wash clothes that day but decided against it since I didn't have enough time before going to dinner with Mandy. I went over to her house and we went to Outback where we consumed the bloomin' onion,soup and steak & potato. Both of us couldn't finish the steak so we got doggie bags.

It was nice just to chat with her. She's going through a lot of decision making right now. She's feeling conflicted but I really hope she decides to continue her pursuit of her own photography company. She's talented and she has drive and a ton of personality. That's what you need in that business.

We went to see Must Love Dogs afterwards. It was a cute movie but probably more of a rental than a theatre movie. John Cusak was worth the money,though.

Yesterday I went to my parents' for the clothes-washing and my mom and I had dinner while my dad went on his weekly dinner date with his best friend. Since he doesn't like fish, we had lightly breaded and fried cod and shrimp with cajun spicing. This with peas and roasted potatoes. Oy. I was so full after. But it was damn good.

Today was shopping day for me. I actually pried myself out of bed at 10am. Yea. I couldn't believe it either. I headed out to Lane Bryant and bought myself a pair of pants,4 shirts and 2 bras. I love the old LB but so many of their clothes are hoochie clothes. I bought mainly sale stuff which was summer stuff since I don't need fall clothes until October at the earliest. And I need new clothes NOW.

I browsed around Bed Bath & Beyond but only bought hangers. Exciting! I just couldn't bring myself to buy anything quite yet. That place is more fun when you're with somebody anyway.

Then I went to the bookstore and bought the new Glamour and a cookbook that was 75% off. Score.

Then it was mondo grocery shopping. Yippee! Real food!!

I scooted on back to home and took in the groceries and put away the frozen/fridge stuff and then jumped back in the car. I wanted to go to the natural foods store to get some spices and whathaveyou. I did really well there. Got Italian Herbs Blend,Herbes de Provence,Chili Powder and Cajun Blackening Seasoning. That and some caramels (I really wish it was autumn so I could have caramel apples). All that came to just over $5. How great is that? I know!! Never buy spices/seasoning/herbs at the grocery store. At this place you can buy just the amount you want and it's so damn cheap. Love it.

I wanted to get some hanging plants for the front and back porches so I went to the local True Value hardware store which seems to have a nice selection of greenery. At least from the road. I do NOT have a green thumb. I usually find all things about gardening snoresville. But I'm trying to change. Plants are pretty. I just hesitate to try and take care of one because I'm such a LOUSY housekeeper. You have no idea.

Anyway,I went in there and there was this dude working there who asked if I needed help. I told him what I wanted. Hanging plants but no flowering ones since I don't want bees around my door. (I have a phobia about bees. Seriously.) He said they don't have as many hanging plants as they usually do but yada yada yada. Anyway, the guy turns out to not know much about plants really. I even knew the names of a couple plants that he didn't. My confidence in him went down. I backed off on it saying that I'd bring my mom with me so she could help me figure out what I wanted. I didn't mean it as a slam on him but I think he took it that way. Whatever,dude. When the girl without the green thumb knows a bit more about plants than you..time to get out of the nursery part of the store.

I'm going to go to the nursery that's near my parents' anyway. I don't know what I was thinking about going to the small hardware store. The nursery is big and has a huge selection. Plus, a staff that knows their stuff.

Tonight will be baked ziti and watching another disc of Firefly. I'll try to not strain myself.

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