Achhooo [ 2005-08-13, 4:17 p.m. ]

Why is it that when I get sick, I really go all the way with it? Ugh. I felt a cold coming on on Wednesday. Then on Thursday, I woke up with a full blown one. Then on Friday I realized that it was the flu. I actually had to call out sick to work because of it. Yuck. and. Blah.

I went into work today because I was able to sleep almost all of yesterday so that really helped. I still felt rather drained though. I've got the headache/sore throat/cough/congestion AND runny nose/sneezing. So,yea,fun.

Unfortunately, I had said that I was going to go to Paul's little get-together at his townhouse tonight. And I'd really feel bad if I didn't go. Besides, if I back out on this, I feel like Michael is going to think I only show up for these kind of things half the time. Know what I mean? I'm going just so nobody can talk about me. Heh.

I'm sure I'll be fine while I'm there but I know I'll also try to leave a little earlier than most. Since I've been up since 6am.

I did luck out that I have the next two days off. Yay. I was so happy when I realized that today. Tomorrow will be spent in bed just watching dvds. Well,I would be doing that even if I wasn't sick.

I'm also very excited that I'll get to devote a lot of time to the new Harry Potter book. Cool!

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