Blow me [ 2005-09-01, 10:07 p.m. ]

So... Gas here in North Carolina is about a dollar more than it was a few days ago. Plus,some stations have run out of fuel because everybody (not me) stampeded to the stations to fill up. There are reports that most stations will get more fuel this weekend though. That doesn't mean the prices will come down.

And because of all this, my parents and my sisters have decided to not go up to our family reunion which is a four hour drive up to Virginia. Sigh. I'm sad I won't be there but there's not much I can do. I doubt many people will be showing up anyway. I was also just looking forward to getting away. I'll just have to make my own fun.

The reason for the "panic at the pumps" as the news people call it is because of the hurricane effecting the gasline out there since oil refinerys had to shut down. All I know is is that we could be a lot worse off than having to pay too much for gas for our cars. At least we have our homes and our cars and of course,our family and friends.

Watching the news tonight was depressing the hell outta of me. I get this feeling of hopelessness watching all that's going on..or rather NOT going on in New Orleans and other cities on the Gulf Coast. Not going on meaning aid not arriving fast enough.

I did give to the Red Cross while I was at the grocery today. It was $10 but it was more than the people around me were giving. Just give $1..give something!! It's just frustrating since that neighborhood is pretty well off financially.

I put in a long day today. Got up at 5am. Yes. 5am. An hour earlier than usual. Got to work at 6am since I knew that our head cashier had the day off. Got all the paperwork done and was able to get a few things done before we opened. I totally feel like I'm being set up to fail. Jeff (ex-manager) came by the store today and I asked if I could ask him a question. He knew I meant "off the record". So I said "Jeff,was Candi sent over here to clean out the store?" meaning personnel-wise. He pondered a moment while trying to watch his words. He said that it was never said out loud but that was probably the case. I told him that Diane and I were kinda scared. I spoke with her last night and she totally had the same perception as I do.

Anyway, I got my stuff done for tomorrow that she wanted. If it wasn't done correctly..well,then..blow me.

I have to do the rough drafts of the 5 performance reviews sometime this next week before I come back from vacation. Which kinda stinks but I got as much info together as I could and if they're done half-assed..well,then blow me. They're only rough drafts!

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