Hey,this isn't where I parked my car! [ 2005-09-07, 5:24 p.m. ]

What is the deal with all the nudity in the banners lately? I thought one of the rules for submitting a banner was that they couldn't have nudity. Maybe it wouldn't bother me if there were naked men in the banners. Anyway. Don't flame me. I was just wondering.

So,I've been on vacation since last Friday. Go me! Saturday was spent over at my parents' where we had homemade BBQ sandwiches. My sis,Mandy, and her crew were there as well. We had watermelon afterwards which was delish. I didn't leave till almost 9pm.

Sunday night was a lot of fun. I went over to Michael & Paco's house and we watched 3 movies. First was Wicker Park which was ok. Just kinda frustrating to watch sometimes. Cell phones,people! Gah. But at least it had Matthew Lillard in it whom I adore.

Then we watched The Heart of Me which starred Paul Bettany. That was my main reason for wanting to watch it. It was very British, which is always good, but kinda sad.

Luckily the last movie was funny as hell. We watched Eurotrip and laughed our asses off. I need to buy that movie I loved it so much. It was stupid but funny kinda like Harold and Kumar.. but with less hallucinating.

The whole time we ate nachos and salsa. I think Michael and I turned into one big nacho by the end of the night. We also had to watch some of the MDA telethon for old time's sake. Both of us used to watch the telethon every year but now,hardly any. We did get to see Robert Goulet sing so that was cool. (What a sad sentence. I'm the opposite of cool.)

Monday and Tuesday was mainly spent vegetating.

Today Mandy and I went shopping for some doorway beads for her computer room she just set up. It's actually a walk-in closet. We went to a head shop where she had to buy a Beatles shirt and some fuzzy dice. Then went to the record store where she found the beads she wanted and I bought the new Death Cab cd. Yea! My cool points are back!

I really need to work on the rough drafts for the 5 performance reviews that are due the day after I come back from vacation. I feel that I'm going to end up doing them all on Sunday. Crap. I hate me.

Hope you're liking my new layout. I like it but I don't know if I like the "Drown" title. But I don't think I can get rid of it without getting rid of the picture which is what I really wanted. Ah,well.

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