Dirrrrty [ 2005-09-09, 1:17 a.m. ]

Har-dee-har-har. You people are soooo funny. No,really you are. All 4 comments left for my last entry had only to do with my wondering about the nudity in the banners. And that was my lead paragraph,people! Sheesh. Minds in the gutter. All of yas. And I like it that way.

So my roof is being worked on. And you can imagine how fun that is for me seeing as how I almost always sleep till noon (and that's early for me) on my vacation. I laid in bed this morning giving the ceiling the finger. Argh. I keep hoping desperately for rain.

Plus,the workmen have their truck still parked RIGHT NEXT TO MY WINDOW. They just left it there overnight. It's kinda creepy.

Today I went with my Mom to help her buy a new computer. Her other one is 5 years old now so it was about time. That other one had very little memory. I had her get an eMachines (like mine). Her's isn't as loaded as mine but it's what she needed. Just to check her email and surf a little on the internet. That's about it. Not a lot of downloading from iTunes like me. (By the way, I have almost 4 days worth of music in my iTunes right now)

So we got the computer and went back to their house. I managed somehow to set it up for her though that got more involved because we replaced the phone jack wire that had been threaded through the wall from the living room into the office. AOHELL was already installed so I signed her on and after it came up, it decided to freeze. I exited out and rebooted. Signed on again without much trouble but then again with the freezing. Then when I tried to sign on again the damn thing wouldn't recognize a modem. What the hell? I even had it do the "Fix it for me" thing and that didn't work. I hate AOL. Anyway,Mandy has AOL and knows just as much and probably more about computers than me and she's gonna go over and look at it tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be fun for me. I'm going to go meet up with Brenda at the mall and have lunch,window shop and chat. Saturday is her last day at work. Sigh. I've now lost my best friend at work. That blows. Really really blows. And with the temperature at work rising because of New Manager..it isn't gonna be any fucking fun. Yack.

Tomorrow night I'm going over to Michael & Paco's again to watch movies and munch out and maybe a bit of drinking.

This weekend I really have to go those damn rough drafts of performance reviews done. Grr. I can at least try to do them on Sat. and Sunday. Not squish them all onto Sunday. Again..I hate me.

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