Feeling Gravity's Pull [ 2005-09-16, 5:08 p.m. ]

I'm hungry. Anyway...

I haven't felt much like updating this week. No special reason. Just laziness and nothing that exciting going on. In my life or whatever.

I had yesterday off. And all I did all day was sleep. My body was worn out from all the stuff I've been doing at work. I know one thing. Or rather two. I'm not bored at work anymore. Our new manager has at least given us leadership if nothing else. That's really not too bad.

The other thing is that I need to not just be thinking about diet/exercise. I need to actually commit to it. Which is sometimes the hardest part as anyone who's gone on a long-term diet knows. I think I'm just building up to it. sigh

I called my cable company the other day to make an appt. to have them come over next Friday (when I'm off) to set me up on digital phone service. Yay! I'll actually be able to talk on the phone in my house. Huzzah! I can't wait!

I'm going to cut back on some of my extras on my cell phone since I rarely use them, like texting and internet. I think I'll also cut down on my minutes. I don't think I've ever used them all anyway.

So I close tomorrow and open on Sunday and close on Monday then I'm off on Tuesday. Between Sat and Monday I have to do the final drafts on the reviews. I'm thinking of going in an hour early tomorrow and staying a couple hours on Sunday. Fun. New manager didn't have many things to say about my rough drafts which is definitely a good thing.

I'm still hungry.

Can you believe that those idiot roofers are still not finished? They've been here since Wednesday of last week! Idiots! If I had the know-how I could've done this so much faster. I'm definitely going to call my landlord about this. It's ridiculous. Plus, they still have a bunch of shingles lying in the bushes and the yard and if they don't clean all that crap up...hooboy..I'm gonna really be pissed. My neighbor,the one I never talk to, can't even park in his driveway cause they have their truck blocking it. Morons!

I'm still hungry and now I need a nap.

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