I'd give you everything I've got for a little peace of mind [ 2005-09-28, 3:51 a.m. ]

I know my diary is called "An Insomniac Speaks" but yesterday I managed to get 9 hours of sleep. I was so damn exhausted. I pulled a 13 hour day on Sunday. Got 4 hours of sleep and came into work at 7am on Monday. So by the time 9pm rolled around on Monday I was so ready for bed.

The thing is though that when I woke up at 6am today, I did not feel refreshed from that solid sleep. It was like I had slept too hard,you know what I mean? So by halfway through the work day I was feeling just plain off. I figured out that one of my problems was that I was feeling dehydrated. I drank a whole litre of water (one of those litres of bottled water) in just a couple hours or so. And it didn't go straight through me so I knew I needed the water. But anyway, I got home tonight,watched some shows on dvr and had dinner. Then fell asleep at 9pm and woke up midnight. Those 3 hours felt so dang good.

I believe in the power of naps. I can keep going as long as I can get an hour here or there. Even if it's just 15 minutes. Those kind of catnaps can really help,too.

Before I took my nap, I was moving my vcr and portable tv into the living room where I have cable hookup. While I was trying to carry the tv, I managed to drop it on the side of my right foot. Damn that hurt. I've got a purplish bruise and a welt. Ow.

While I was napping I had a strange dream. I dreamed that I was answering an ad about subletting an apartment at this big apartment complex. I realized that it was towards the edge of town and it was a bit of a party type complex. In my dream I told the girl who was trying to sublet it that I couldn't do it. I love living right near town. I am 5 minutes from downtown. I live in a duplex of an old house. I have lots of privacy. I woke up thinking "I just can't imagine really wanting to leave here for a place like that other apartment". Sure,I would like having more wall outlets and better insulation and things like that..but what I have is even better. I have a place with history and it's comfortable and feels so much like a home to me. I love it.

On Sunday when I was driving home from my long day at work, I started crying. I was thinking about how much of my life was pathetic. Work-wise and lovelife-wise. I was just sobbing and really feeling awful. I managed to pull myself out of it. But it felt like it came out of nowhere. I know I was tired but still. I think a lot of the pressure at work had really built up in me.

Then on Monday at work, Candi told me a couple things. First off, that I would be getting my raise since she was giving me a meets standards on my follow-up review. Yay!

And that with all the returns we'd managed to process just since Thursday, she was really blown away by how much we'd accomplished. She said several times "Great job!". It's amazing what those kind of things can do for you. Just simple words.

I try to do that for employees too. Telling them that they've done a good job. I know how good that is to hear. And to hear it after feeling so much stress..makes it even nicer.

I was busy busy busy at work today. Tons of strict-on-sales went out today. Tomorrow is my last day before having 6 days off in a row. Whee!!! I'm planning on doing some much major cleaing out. It felt so cool to clean out my bedroom the other day that I can't wait to do that to my bathroom and spare room. But I'm wearing shoes this time so I won't be dropping anything else on my foot. I love going barefoot but I keep banging up my poor feet around here. First the breaking of a toe and now this big bruise. Yow.

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