Trailers for sale or rent [ 2005-10-03, 6:16 a.m. ]

I need a damn good massage. My shoulders are so tight. And so therefore my TMJ has been really killing me tonight. Or last night, I should say since it's now morning. I tried to sleep. I really did. Sorta. But I was so uncomfortable from my TMJ pain that I had to get back up again.

I wish I could afford a massage right now. But right now I'm at the point of the month where I just paid rent and the money I have left over goes towards food and gas and whatnot. For the next two weeks. Now that I have more money because of the not having to pay credit cards anymore, I need to budget. Because I want to buy a new love seat for the living room plus a nice tv and I found out last week that I really need a new vcr.

So that'll cost some money. I plan to shop around for a good deal but's gonna cost some. The plan for the living room is to put my dvd player in there (with the vcr) and I can watch movies in there. I don't right now because of the fact of how uncomfortable the couch is that's there now. The springs in it have basically given out so you kinda sink in way more than you want to.

I'd also like to get some throw rugs for the living room,hallway and my bedroom. And maybe the kitchen. Having hardwood floors is great but you get a lot of dust and whatnot everywhere. Plus,it would cut down on the noise I might make walking around. In the middle of the night. Though as most of you know I'm usually barefoot anyway. At least in the winter it'll be warmer that way.

Which brings me to the fact that I guess on my next paycheck I'm going to have to turn on the heat. The gas company turned off my gas last Spring when I got behind in my payments. I figured at the time..hey,it's April..who cares? But now that Fall is here and in a few weeks it's possible it could be cool enough to be uncomfortable even with sweaters and blankets. So,sigh. That's more money that I'm going to have to part with. Crap. Plus,the other half of my small car insurance bill which I get every six months. And even though it's only around $225 I still pay half of it then get billed for the rest so I really draw it out. So I gotta pay THAT and possibly the gas to be turned back on plus whatever I owe for what I never paid. Oy.

Money is fun. Budgeting is not.

My days off have been nice though unproductive. I got in my car today to go pay my rent and I got a phone call from Jonathan at work. He'd locked his keys in the office and there is not a spare set anywhere in the store. And of course,he was the only manager there. So I headed on over and opened up the office. He was grateful. I've done the same thing so it was no big deal. I also bought the latest Entertainment Weekly so two birds and all that.

I had the coolest dream yesterday. I dreamed that it was the 1950's and I was going to see Elvis Presley. Now,I'm as much of an Elvis fan as the next person. Been to Graceland and everything. But I'm not a freak about it. I don't think I've ever dreamed about him before. So this was young Elvis. In my dream I was around 18 years old. I was supposed to be on the guest list but nobody would believe me since other girls had tried to get in using my name. I got upset and ran out of the building. Elvis came after me to apologize. Just then a swarm of people saw him and surrounded us. I told him to go back in since he was obviously being mobbed. He said no,he was still talking to me. Cool,eh? Eventually the crowd went away somehow. We continued walking and talking. A few minutes later I'm up on stage with several other people and it's an outdoor venue. Elvis is singing the old Roger Miller song "King of the Road" (which came out in the '70's but hey,it's my dream). I'm singing backup and doing minor dance moves with a few people up on the stage. I'm grinning big time and hear somebody say "I'm through the looking glass". I laughed and look to the person next to me and repeat "I'm through the looking glass." Then I woke up. Weird but really fun. My dreams rock.

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