Elevation [ 2005-10-10, 6:01 a.m. ]

One of my booksellers at work,Margot,came in yesterday on her day off to let me know some possible good news. Both of us love U2 but missed out on getting tickets for when they come here in December. When the tickets went on sale a few months ago, it was very last minute and I was still broke and she was out of town. And they sold out in 2 hours. So we'd been talking recently about the fact that if tickets became available somehow that we were going to jump on them. But we were pretty sure that wasn't going to happen.

Margot is in her early '60's and is absolutely nuts about Bono. We kid each other about the fact that we share Bono for holidays. Like I'll say on Valentine's Day that when I go home he'll be there with a bottle of wine and a bathtub full of bubbles and rose petals. Hee.

Anyway,she came in yesterday to let me know that her nephew up in Philadelphia,who is a dj for a radio station and also does play-by-play for the 76ers, was going to see U2 play next Sunday. She mentioned to him on the phone that the tickets had sold out for the concert here. He said he'd get her a couple of comp tickets. He was good friends with somebody who managed the U2 tour and he should be able to get them. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How cool is that? I really hope that comes true. She said she'd talk to him next week after the concert.

He got to meet Bono last year when U2 was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. Bono was very personable and charming and remarked that the radio station that her nephew works for was one of the few to play U2 back when they first started. It's so cool that he remembers stuff like that.

I'm up early right now because I fell asleep with all the lights on last night around 11pm and woke up at 5:30am. I have my manager meeting to go to in a little while so I was lucky my internal alarm clock kicked in.

Work yesterday was alright. Busy though. And I felt shortstaffed as usual. When the first thing you say when you get there (and nobody else was in the building yet) is "this is bullshit" after looking at the day's schedule..it's not good. But anyway, I was there till almost 4pm trying to finish a display. I was toting the books towards the front when Candi (new manager) came up and said she'd take those so I could get going. I was so happy. I'd have been fine with staying late if the Panthers hadn't been playing at 4:15pm. And we won! Certain people think we lose easy games..not true! We just make it look hard to win them.

Why are local car dealerships ads so damn stupid? I just wonder about the people who decide that stupid "characters" and yelling are the best way to sell cars.

I cancelled my Netflix membership the other day. I had had 3 movies from them for 2 weeks and still hadn't watched them. So..with all the new tv shows on I hadn't had the time and inclination to watch the movies. I figured spending $20 a month on it wasn't worth it at this time. I'll probably sign up again once the tv season is over. Besides, I kinda enjoy going to the video store and getting what I'm in the mood for then and there. With Netflix you get whatever is next in your queue and it isn't always what you're in the mood to watch then and there.

Alrighty...I've got 15 minutes till I leave for the store so I better sign off.

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