Just say goodbye like a normal person [ 2005-10-17, 10:37 a.m. ]


I had my weekly manager meeting this morning. It went okay. I'm full of caffeine and donuts. Always a good thing.

I came home with all that sugar/caffeine still buzzing in me. So I actually cleaned out my car. Sorry,maybe I should've made sure you were sitting down for that statement. To give you an idea how bad it was, I can tell you that I still had my two most used jackets in there from the last time it was cool enough to wear them. Which was back in April. Yea. I know. It just kept accumulating and I kept putting it off like the procrastinator that I am. Oy. It was a combination of crap like books,cds,jackets and just trash like kleenex and paper and empty water bottles. I here vow to not let it get that bad again.

So,I go into work again at 4pm today. Yesterday was a real doozie of a day. I opened after closing on Saturday. So I managed to get about 5 hours of sleep. I came in at 7am,trying to keep my mindset to "I'm going to have a good day". Sometimes I have to do that just to stay in a good mood,ya know?

Anyway,at 7:45am I realize my head cashier wasn't there yet. She was due in at 7:30. I called and left a message and she called back a couple minutes later. She told me that she wasn't scheduled for that day. Said she'd asked off because of family stuff (details don't matter here). I said,well you're on my schedule here. Anyway, I said I'd see if I could get somebody in. Naturally,I couldn't get in touch with anybody on a Sunday morning. Couldn't get my closers for Sunday to come in any earlier.

I was really starting to stress out at this point. I was going to be the only bookseller (1 person in cafe) in the store till 10:30am and we open at 9am. Fun,right?

Luckily,my head cashier calls back and asks if I'd gotten anyone to come in. When she heard I hadn't, she said she'd get dressed and be at work in 15 minutes. She managed to get somebody to help her out on the family situation. I was relieved, thinking okay everything's gonna be ok now. I started doing some of the preliminary opening stuff. Then I realized that my cafe server wasn't there. She was supposed to be there at 8am and it was about 8:20am. Called and left a message.

So once I'd finished doing some things I then had to go set up the cafe. My head cashier came in at that time. I got the coffee ready and the bakery case prepped. Then..because somehow God is looking out for me..my cafe manager,who was due in at 10am called to ask about something and that she was coming in early. Whew. But for about 5 minutes when we opened, I had me at the cashwrap and my head cashier at the cafe and nobody on the floor.

Luckily (again), it was Sunday morning so not a big rush into the store at opening.

Nothing like people misreading their schedule. I really don't need to have a heart attack at my age.

Have you ever said something to somebody and then after saying it, thought "oh,God. Did that come out wrong?"

Example: Our newest cafe server is Japanese-American. Nice guy,really funny. So when I was talking to him on Saturday and he was leaving for the day, instead of saying good-bye, I said "Sayanora!". He didn't react like I was being a smartass or anything. Just said bye like a normal person.

But I was totally not trying to be a smartass. After I said it I wanted to thump my forehead "idiot". But in my family,we've always said that. I don't know why but we have. I mean, a lot of people say it,don't they? Like bon jour and hasta la vista. I had a good laugh at my own expense after I said it though.

Friday night I was in the cafe the whole shift for additional training with our cafe manager and this new guy was in there the whole shift too. His brother came in to get something and decided to get a green tea frap. We realized that the green tea mix was past date to pull it and so new guy and his brother started joking that if it killed him it would be some typical headline in the paper "Asian man dies drinking green tea while reading manga and a book about samurai swords." They were killing me, I was laughing so hard.

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