Wholesome Goodness [ 2005-10-19, 1:39 p.m. ]

I can't believe what time I woke up this morning. Today is my day off!! I woke up before 7am. That's just..wrong. Ten kinds of wrong. I mean,yes, I fell asleep at 11pm last night and slept right through the night. Grrr. My body started protesting by giving me a big headache. The kind where you can't even rest. So I took 3 Excedrin Tension headache pills and a hot shower. That helped some.

Then I put on my sunglasses. My eyes are sensitive to light even without a headache so you can imagine. The headache is almost gone and I think I can take a nap in a little while. Hurrah.

So I'm doing NaNoWriMo (as the icon to my right indicates) this year..again. And I've been idly thinking of what the hell to write about. I'm not coming up with anything. Yet. I think I'm going to have do some major brainstorming because I want to finish this time. I think I got halfway through last year. Which I know isn't unusual for the first time.

I made some peanut butter cookies this morning. And then had some leftover beef stew for lunch. Nothing like food to help drive away a headache.

A few days ago I put in my cd changer in the car a few new cds. I downloaded the newest Franz Ferdinand off of iTunes as well as Stellastarr*. So I put those two in my car along with Franz Ferdinand's first album. I got off of eBay the import cd of a band called Hard Fi. Their cd is called "Stars of CCTV". Damn good stuff. Kinda like the Clash with a bit more pop sensibility. Fun stuff. It isn't out in the states yet but several people were selling off of eBay. I got it for around $14 and got free shipping ..so score!

Have a good day,people!

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