I'm Ms. Heatmeister [ 2005-10-24, 9:30 a.m. ]

Brrrr. It's 51 degrees outside. And only a bit warmer than that inside. I really gotta get my heat turned back on soon. Till then it's sweaters and socks and lots of blankets. It's no fun getting out of the shower in the morning though,let me tell ya. I'll have to resort to my old trick of closing both of the doors to the bathroom (my bathroom is accessible from my bedroom and the spare bedroom but not the hallway..I know. It's weird.) therefore trapping the heat of the shower like a sauna. Mmm..sauna.

Yesterday was a long day. Not bad,just long. I opened the store then came back at 7pm and worked till midnight working on projects. So that was a 12 hour workday. Fun! But it's ok. I got stuff done so that's a good thing.

I'm still planning on going to Charleston this weekend. I just wish I'd budgetted better. I'll have enough money but I always like to have a bit more just so I don't have to pennypinch. That'll learn me to spend money unwisely.

I sold all 3 of my ALIAS dvd sets on eBay. That's $80 I have coming to me. That'll pay for the gas money to here and back to Charleston at least. Yay! I sold them just because..well,I love my ALIAS but I wanted the money more. So it's no big deal to sell them off.

What's the deal with people using their cell phones as walkie talkies and having the volume all the way up? How annoying is that,huh?

I'm still thinking and thinking of what to write for NaNoWriMo. I have a week to come up with something. Eek. I do have Chris Baty's book No Plot? No Problem! so I'll have to read through it. At least I'm on vacation the first week of NaNo so I can spend some good time writing. I only have Microsoft Works on this computer and I'd like to have Word but I guess Works will do ok. Any opinions?

Don't let the fact that I spent most of this entry talking about money make it seem like I'm that worried. I'm not. I always figure something out.

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